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Here's a little bit about us

We have owned American Pit Bull Terriers since 1986. We have been showing and pulling with the ADBA since 1988 and are founding members of the Southwest Missouri American Pit Bull Terrier Club. We are NOT a PUPPY MILL! Quality is not an accident.

Our foundation dog is LeJeunes "CH Ace Of Ace I" Sylver. We feel Sylver has all the qualities anyone could want in a bulldog. Highly intelligent,Extremely Athletic,Sound Conformation
and the HEART of a Warrior. All of this, and, the ability to pass it on to his offspring.

This line is very consistent in true American Pit Bull Terrier TYPE! They range in size from 33lbs. to 54lbs. With and average of 40lbs.You will NOT find LARGE dogs here.

Some of Sylver's prodigey

Villines "ACE Of ACE I" Nick O'Tyme
Villines "ACE Of ACE" Hope
Allens "ACE of ACE" Lil Ewok
Villines "CH" Tucker
Villines "CH" Just-A-Jezabelle
Villines Taylor Made
Villines "CH" Hubba Bubba
Villines "ACE" Up-N-Atem
Villines "ACE" Super Nova
Villines Ms. DeMeanor
Allen's "ACE" Jus-A-Trace
Stacci's "ACE" Sir Baron
Villines "ACE" Kasey
GKM'S "ACE of ACE I" Super Katie Might
Allen's "ACE" Smitty
Pocket Pits "ACE" Made 'Ya Look 



LeJeunes "CH Ace OF Ace I" Sylver
Oct 3 1988 - August 20 2001

We will try to keep this site up to date with show wins and upcoming events
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